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Medicare & Coding/Billing Changes for 2021

View our 2021 annual update where we cover topics such as: The Medicare final rule fee schedule rule, 2021 Medicare deductibles, threshold amounts, and Medicare Advantage trends, as well as other 2021 topics.
12 months ago

Insights on new CPT code 99072

We have been receiving several inquiries about billing a new code 99072 which is a new CPT code designed to capture some of the extra costs that you are incurring in PPE and staff time related to COVID-19. Here’s what we know so far.
1 year ago

New NCCI Edits effective Oct 1, 2020

It Is Deja Vu ALL OVER AGAIN!!! CMS has published the new NCCI Edits effective Oct 1, 2020 and they are reinstating some of the problematic code set edits that we saw in January of 2020 and they removed in April of 2020. The APTA has sent a letter to CMS and the NCCI Edit...
1 year ago