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Billing Performance

MBCTM routinely performs above industry averages when considering billing and collections benchmarks, including Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Average Percentage of Collections.

Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO)

MBC routinely performs above industry averages. Our average daily sales outstanding last year for all MBC clients combined was 31 days. That means that on average, our clients were paid within 31 days after the date of treatment. Routine and quick cash flow is important for all outpatient therapy practices. MBC has maintained this standard of performance year-over-year.

Average Percentage of Collections

With a strong partnership between the clinic administrative staff and the billing office, the ability to collect over 98% of allowable amounts is easily within reach. Many of the MBC clients reach this mark every month. 30% of medical payments in today’s high deductible world are patient responsibility. A strong over the counter collection process is needed to maintain a high collection percentage. MBC Clients see a high collection percentage across the board, and the average for all clients is above 95%.


Let us help paint a picture of your current billing status and how we can help you improve. Simply complete our online Free Billing Assessment and our staff will contact you to discuss your current level of performance and how MBC may be able to assist you in improving your billing metrics.