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MBC Works with your System

One of the primary difficulties with outsourcing your billing services is the challenge of integrating with your EMR. MBCTM customizes its services to the unique needs and technology platforms of each client. We currently offer interfaces with a broad array of outpatient therapy-specific electronic medical records, and we are always adding new platforms and writing custom interfaces. So, chances are, we can seamlessly integrate with your EMR of choice.

Technology and Systems

MBC currently has interfaces with the following outpatient therapy-specific electronic medical records (EMRs). We are adding new partners and writing custom interfaces, so if you don’t see your EMR on the list, please contact us to discuss our ability to interface with your specific EMR.

  • Clinicient
  • OptimisPT
  • Prompt
  • QuickEMR
  • TheraOffice
  • Therapy Source
  • Web PT


Robust Practice Management Systems

MBC utilizes state-of-the-art, robust practice management systems and clearinghouse programs. We customize our systems for outpatient therapy, and to the needs of each client, to ensure that claims are clean and have a high first-pass rate. These systems also allow MBC to provide extensive data to our clients so that owners can manage their businesses with valid data points.

We focus on the entire billing and collections process. Our clients focus on patient care and building their practice.